Her family


    Her parents (divorced):

    Her father: Christopher Watson was born in 1959. He’s English, lawyer and lives in London. He doesn’t live with Emma but he accompanies her, as far as is possible, at the Première of films and at the time of the great events. He was remarried since his divorce.Emma and her father in Manhattan: 

Emma et son père à Manhattan



    Her mother: Jacqueline Duerre was born in 1959. She’s French, lawyer and lives in Oxford. She lives with Emma and Alex (brother of Emma). Contrary to her husband, she didn’t remarried but has a boyfriend.


Jacqeline Duerre


     Her brother: Alex Chris Duerre Watson was born in 1993. He is in this moment at Dragon School (old school of Emma). He’s very proud of his sister and accompanies her as soon as he can at the time of the great events and in particular at Première of the films which he never misses!

Alex, Jacqueline, Christopher et Emma

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