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    Emma in the magazine "Tu magazine" :

    Emma, Daniel and Rupert posed in May 2007 for review Teen Vogue (edition June-July). Click here to reach the gallery of photographs.

    In this moment, the new photographs of Emma are very rare. However, here is a photo which was taken yesterday, Thursday February 8, in a train. I think that this photo was taken when Emma comes back to home from Headington School or then when she comes back to school. In any case, the guy who took this photograph is a lucky devil!   


Click here to reach the photographs of the Rock'n'roll Challenge 2007 (March 17, 2007) 

Rock Challenge 


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Commentaires (6)

1. lovel (site web) 08/02/2012

love j'tador emma !!!!!!!!!!!

2. ERET 15/09/2010

That is an awfully solar water heater astounding column

3. Carlos 12/10/2009

Eres una persona ejemplar Emma con todo tu dinero que tienes y asi viajas en Standard Class, eres mi ejemplo, eres la mejor persona del mundo. TE ADMIRO!!!

4. max 28/04/2008

mimi la emma :

5. julie 18/03/2008

tu es sorti avec combien des garçon

6. chaymae arigui 05/09/2007

hiiiii hawe are you ?? i minsing te you we are you ok i love you emma and bay

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