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 At the age of 8, Emma entered to the private school of the Dragon School.



Dragon School


      The Dragon School is a renowned British coeducational, preparatory school in the city of Oxford, founded in 1877. The school accepts pupils from the age of 8 ("E Block") through to 13 ("A Block"), although an associated 'pre-prep', Lynams, accepts children from age 4. It is primarily known as a boarding school, although it also takes day pupils.    In September 2001, it had 840 pupils, of both sexes. Girls have been admitted as boarders since 1994. It has been described as "England's largest and most famous preparatory school".

     It should be noted that several British personalities passed by this school. Indeed, Tim Henman (the player of tennis) was registered in thi school, like Cyril Gadney (ex-player of Rugby and President of the R.F.U. (Rugby Football Union), or John Slessor (Marshal of the Royal Air Force), the Admiral Sir Hugo White, Paul Watkins (author nominated for the best book of fiction)... and much others (a lot of politicians and journalists).

  Headington School Oxford   Since 2003, Emma is at Headington School Oxford.

    In July 2006, Emma passed the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education). There are 10 matters to pass: English, French, Latin, Spanish, mathematical, geography, art, history and sciences(biology, physics and chemistry). Emma obtained 8 A+! (better possible note) and two A knowing that the scale is:A+, A, B+, B, C+... E    During two years, she will study to pass the "A-Level" (Advanced Level) which are composed of three or four matters and which concludes secondary education.

     One A-level is allotted per succeed subject. Thus a student can obtain two or three A-level at  the end of his schooling. The A-level is split into two parts, the AS(Advanced Subsidiary) and A2 examinations. The former is generally taken in Year 12 (Year 13 in Northern Ireland) also known as "lower sixth" and the latter is generally taken in Year 13 (Year 14 in Northern Ireland) which is also known as "upper sixth". Satisfactory achievement in AS and A2 units results in the award of an A-level qualification. It is possible to sit only AS modules in which case only an AS grade would be gained, this is given half the points a full A-level would be on the UCAS points system. AS and A Levels are the second most commonly accepted educational award accepted today after GCSEs. With the further move of making them compulsory, this is likely to change and eventually employers will only be accepting people with A-Levels.

     Emma thus will pass the AS this year (spring 2007)

    A-levels make it possible to be then recruited in a university. The notes are classified from A to E (A being the optimal note) in the success case. The note U (unclassified or ungraded) is given in the case of failure. 

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