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                   HP & The Philosopher's Stone                                                  HP & The Chamber Of Secrets


                 HP & The Prisioner Of Azkaban                                                       HP & The Goblet Of Fire


                    HP & The Half Blood Prince                                                                  Teen People


                        The Potter Collection                                                        Adrian Green (With Jason Isaacs)


                   Linda Rosier (Hotel Room)                                                                      Otto Awards


                   Entertainment Weekly (PoA)                                                                  Vanity Fair


                             Sunday Times                                                                                 Misc.


                                LA Times                                                                              YM Photoshoot


                        Japan (With Rupert)                                                                      Evening Standard


                            Pink Magazine                                                                                Rankin


                         Warner Bros. 2008                                                                           Agius 2008


                   Entertainment Weekly 2009                                                             Empire Magazine 09


                          Teen Vogue 2009                                                                           Elle UK 2009


                    Women's Wear Daily 2009                                                                  Joel Ryan 2010


                   Women's Wear Daily 2010                                                                  Mariano Vivanco


                       People Tree SS 2011                                                                     Jan Welters 2011


                        Vincent Peters 2012                                                                          Sean Cook


                            HarpersBazaar                                                                         Ellen Von Unwerth





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