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Hermione at school


    In “Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone”, Hermione makes the knowledge of Harry and Ron in the Hogwarts Express where she reveals her talents as regards magic. It’s obvious that she’s a very gifted pupil who passes a great part of her time plunged in the books. In spell’s course, she makes the spell of Levitation, with the great spite of Ron. Ron and Hermione fall out. They make it up after the scene of the Troll. From this day, Harry, Ron and Hermione become friends. After many event, the trio is lead to look for the Philosopher's Stone. Hermione plays a very important part there. Firstly, she guesses that Fluffy guards the Stone. Secondly, she has saved Harry and Ron of dead in the scene of the Devil’s Snare. Thirdly, she solves the riddle of the poisons and saves once again Harry (this scene is absent in the film). Hermione is also one of the pupils who reported the most points to the Gryffondor house thanks to his good answers in the courses. Partly thanks to her, Gryffondor wins the house cup.


To announce : Hermione has saved Harry during the Quidditch match even she didn’t attack the right professor!

Conclusion : Hermione has a very important place in this film because she saves Harry 3 times of an unquestionable death!


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1. enzo 11/04/2010

plaes emma demande moi en ami sur msn si ta pas msn c pas grave c t pour d photo merci

2. odidi 09/01/2010

emma si tu lis se message j'aimerai que tu m'envois une photo de grifon d'or et tout ses professeurs
merci cordialement

3. annava 11/07/2007

c'est fou en cours je lui resemble toujours la main levée!!!

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