Hermione in HP4



Hermione wearing her Yule Ball dress



Contrary to “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, Harry fills the screen with one’s presence in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. We see less Ron and Hermione than in precedent films. However, Hermione has an important role in the book, but little less in film. Indeed, she much supports Harry when his name was chosen by the Goblet of Fire. Everyone turns one’s back to him, including Ron, and Hermione is the only pupil to believe him. Furthermore - and it is a part completely neglected in film – she helps Harry during hours so that he well succeeds the attraction spell. Thanks to her, Harry manages to overcome the Hungarian Horntail. Then, the scene of the Yule ball highlights the dazzling beauty of Hermione (not neglected in the film! (running time: 15 min). Thereafter Hermione and Ron aren’t almost on screen. Actually film stresses the Harry-Voldemort duel. Other neglected important fact in film: Hermione discovers the secret of Rita Skeeter (she is a not declared Animagus) and sets up the S.A.L.E (and not Sale!).


In this film, wee see especially Hermione in the scene of the Yule Ball whereas in the book, she has a much more important role.

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1. camille 09/10/2007

Trop belle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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